The KenBuKai e.V. regularly conducts Aikido Kyu and Dan exams according to the Aikikai Hombu Dojo Examination Regulations. The English version of these examination regulations can be found here.

The examination will be conducted by a board of examiners consisting of the following persons:

Martin Gruber Shihan, 6. Dan Aikikai
Klaus Hagedorn Shihan, 6. Dan Aikikai
Andreas Hendrich Shihan, 6. Dan Aikikai
Michael Ibers Shihan, 6. Dan Aikikai
Thomas Witty Shihan, 7. Dan Aikikai

KenBuKai e.V. examinations are officially recognized by Aikikai Hombu Dojo.

Persons who want to take a test agree with their Dojo supervisor whether an examination at the respective time is meaningful. Preparation for the examination should always be under the technical direction of the sponsoring member to whom the candidate is a member (dojo, club, training group, etc.). The minimum number of training days prescribed in the examination regulations is a prerequisite for the registration for the exam.
The representatives of the examination board are available to interested parties and members as contact persons for technical and formal questions.

Board of KenBuKai e.V.